Kumdang-2 injection original from korea.

kumdang-2 injection from Korea

This manual is based on comprehensive analyses of Kumdang-2 injection.

     Opinions of millions of patients about kumdang-2 injection. All of which have been collected over the last 23 years since May, 1989. At the moment, as well as clinical records submitted hundreds of hospitals. Medical groups, institutions and epidemiological institutions Korea. And from 30 different countries, and reviews of millions of patients.

National and International Accreditation and Appraisal.

  • Kumdang-2 Injection has been registered and approved as follows:
  • MHK-Std No. 3827-96 Updated
  • No. 03827-2001 Updated
  • No. 3-3827-2007 Invention
  • No. 27837 Inventor: Jon Sung Hun and Ri Sun Choi Patent
  • No. 13785 owned by Jon Sung Hun Patent
  • No. 43194 owned by Jon Sung Hun Trademark license
  • No. 31407 owned by Pugang Pharmaceutic Co., Ltd. Archive
  • No. 51528, B-5641 of Analyticon of Germany Ministry of Health of Cuba Reg
  • No. N-04-206-HLC) Ministry of Health of Syria Reg
  • No. 16-3-1-18665 Ministry of Health of Mongolia Reg
  • No. F080813AP01909

     Also registered in Uzbekistan and the Philippines Besides these countries. Many countries like China, Russia, Britain, Indonesia, Vietnam. Cambodia, Bulgaria,  Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Angola, etc. are promoting import and use of this injection.

world famous Kumdang-2 injection.

     So far, Kumdang-2 Injection has participated at some 30 national. And international exhibitions, where it has won Gold Medal of WIPO. And several other gold medals and gold prizes. The Central Bank of DPR Korea. Issued a gold с in 2005 in praise of Kumdang-2 Injection for its dedication to the health of mankind. The “Choson Sinbo”, a Japanese newspaper, in its issues of 18.7.2001. And 30.7.2001 carried a 3-page article titled “Admiration at an Elixir of Life”. Where it described the astonishments of Japanese doctors at the reality that many diseases had been completely cured by Kumdang-2 Injection. After their failures of healing at the Japanese hospitals.

     A German newspaper The “Bild” in its 22.11.2002 issue. Stated that a beautiful girl Miss Kim Hey Sung owes hei acrobatic Oscar prize “Golden Clown” to her active use of Kumdang-2 Injection. Which it depicted as a miraculous non-doping medicine without any attachment (love) or addiction. Further, mass media of DPR Korea, ITAR-Tass, Xinhua, the “Financial Times” of Great Britain. And many, many other news agencies, TVs, newspapers, periodicals. And publications over the world have given publicity to this injection. Many symposiums and seminars are held on Kumdang-2 Injection in many countries. In all the websites world-wild the number of pages mentioning Kumdang-2 Injection totals 5 million. The total supply of Kumdang-2 Injection to the world was some 10,000 packets every month in 2008. It rose 15 til in 2012 to some 150,000 packets every month. And is expected to speedily rise further in the months and years to com.

Unique features of Kumdang-2 Injection.

     1) Kumdang-2 Injection is a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng). Cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer. It contains insam saccharides, light rare earth elements, a micro-quantities of gold and platinum.

     2) It causes no pain during and after injection.

     3) Unlike chemical medicines, it has no adverse side effects.

     4) It has no contraindications and can be used together with other medicines.

     5) It optimizes the systems of autonomic nerve. And self-curing by stimulating hypothalamus, the centre of the autonomic nervous system. Functions anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and anti-virus, restores the diseased parts t revitalizing. And proliferating cells, optimizes immunity, maintains the homoeostasis of the body, and functions anti-oxidant

     6) It absorbs or removes all those that have not originally been in human body. E.g. cancer, pathological secretion, etc. Including those of the same cellular tissues as the healthy ones like polyps or some skin diseases.

Notes before applying Kumdang-2 Injection.

     This being a herbal medicine, it can be administered without punctuality in disregard of the timetable exhibited in the enclosure of its packet. According to the hitherto clinical records, the rate of recovery was higher among its random users than its punctual users. All the patients with clear knowledge of the principles of its dosage have experienced satisfactory effects. And 95.5% of them resulted in complete cure.

     7) Owing to its healing mechanism, it can cure a large variety of diseases. And its effects instantly emerge vivid and last long.

     8) Dosage does not vaiy according to diseases. But alters a little according to the patient’s body weight and severity of the illness.

     9) The main purpose of injection is to cure diseases. But it is also good for healthy persons. As it invigorates them, optimizes their immunity and makes them more beautiful.

     10) It is good for those who have taken chemical medicines like anti-biotics. And narcotic drugs and those who have drunken much alcohol because Kumdang-2 Injection prevents. Neutralizes or removes all side effects and addiction. In particular, when taking such medicines that entail severe side effects like anti-cancer and anti-TB medicines. It is advisable to apply this injection simultaneously with them so as to prevent their side effects and expedite cure of the diseases.

     11) Hitherto, in uses of Kumdang-2 Injection, nobody could find any sign of attachment (love). Addiction, intoxication or their similarity of any kind.

The main method of application of Kumdang-2 Injection.

     The “Basic Administration” of Kumdang-2 Injection is: simply on the first day, apply 1-2 ampoules. And from the second day, depending on the patient’s response. Increase every day its each-time dose by one ampoule, getting them 1-2 times daily. With an interval of 1-2 days on every fifth day. After about 10 days (including the days of interval) get 7-8 ampoules each time, 2-3 times daily, for 2-3 days. Then suspend the injection; and later depending on the developments of cure, resume the injection.

     This method is oriented from the mechanism of applying a “heavy strike” upon the disease. After the patient’s body is acclimatized to this injection In cases of emergency. By injecting it every 4-6 hours, 5-8 ampoules each time we could save many dying patients. If the patients with no critical severity got from the first day as many as 6-8 ampoules each time. They might experience overburden at the heart. Indigestion and other heavy healing responses, while getting little effects on the treatment. On the other hand, injection of only 1-2 ampoules everyday for a very long period would result in waste of the medicine and failure to obtain desired effects. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the above “Basic Administration”.

Kumdang-2 Injection reception scheme.

     This table is only an exemplary recommendation and is not compulsory to follow up. As explained so far, getting 1-8 ampoules each time, 1 -3 times a day intramuscularly (IM) and/or intravenously (IV). With an interval of 1-2 days on every fifth day would be enough. The efficacies of IM and IV are almost the same. But according to the hitherto clinical records IM has been more effective than IV. It is advisable to get IM for a while and then IV because IM might harden the injected part of hip.



1st yearBreak2nd yearBreak3rd yearIn total
1st day2nd day3rd day4th day5th day6th day7th day8th day9th day10th day11th day12th day13th day14th day


the minor illnesses


3 packs

Second cate-gory:

the severe illness and high weight


7 packs

2-amp.2-amp.3-amp.4-amp.4-amp.5-amp.5-amp.5-amp.In the mor-



In the mor-ning


In the eve-ning


In the eve-ning


3rd cate-gory: children1-4 years: dose reduced by one third above. The course and the treatment is the same as in the first category.

5-11 years: dose reduced by one third above. The course and the treatment is the same as in adults.

Older than 12 years fall into the category adult.

Note: amp.=ampouls; one=once.  

Description of the effects of Kumdang-2 Injection.

    You should vigorously massage the injected part for 5-7 minutes. If the injected part is hardened due to repeated injections and lazy massage. Place an alcohol-wet pad on the part. And vigorously massage it longer time or use a massage vibrator. Then the part shall be softened again as before. The best way of administration is to find out the optimal dosage suited to your constitution. And disease through your personal experience. * Inject one ampoule on the first day and 1-2 ampoules next day. Then you can decide on the further dosages according to your physical response.

     1) After injections for 2 days as above. If you feel strong, refreshed and happy to a satisfactory extent. And the former symptoms are alleviated remarkably. E.g. remarkable alleviation of pain, improvement of face complexion and good digestion. You should continue with 3 ampoules in a dose, once daily, for 3 days. Thereafter, if you feel complete recovery, you may stop the injection.

     If you do not feel that your disease has been cured. You should get the injection for another 4 days before discontinuing it for a couple of days. Then, you should follow the “Basic Administration”. This will enable almost ail patients to reach complete cure. In case of recurrence after a certain period, you may either repeat the first and second courses in the above table. Or administer 5 ampoules in a dose, I -3 times daily, whenever felt necessary.

the cause of possible discomfort.

     2) During the two days’ injection as above. Some patients may feel that their diseased parts are stimulated to a small extent. For example, those with a heart disease or weak heart may feel slight throbbing or stifled in their heart. Those with hepatitis may feel irritated a little in their liver and the wounded may feel small pain in their wounds. But healthy parts of body may not be felt irritated in any case. Someone might complain of throbbing at the heart although he has not any heart disease. But the reality would be the other way round: he did know his heart had fallen sick. The irritation of the diseased part, being a healing response, serves as an indication of rapid healing of your disease.

     Such temporary irritation will disappear in a few days. If you feel as above after the 2 days’ injection, you are recommended to get 1-2 ampoules in a dose. Once daily, for 2 more days, which is followed by an interval of 2 days. After that get 2 ampoules in one time on the day. And from the subsequent day get the injection once a day increasing the each time dose by 1 ampoule with each passing day for 6-7 days. This will result in great efficaciousness.

     In the event you had failed to reach complete cure thereat. You would first take an interval of 2-5 days, and resume the injection thereafter. From then on, you would get 5-6 ampoules in a dose. Volume and frequency would depend on your physical condition. Get the injection 2-3 times daily if you are in a critical condition and once daily if not.

action and sensation Kumdang-2 injection.

     3) After injection of I -2 ampoules in a dose, once daily, for 1 -2 days, very few patients (less than 0.001 % of the total). Felt heavily stimulated at the diseased parts and/or experienced throbbing or stifled feelings at the heart. Such feelings were found especially among feeble girls and weak elders. They are not side effects, but signs of healing response. Therefore, you should not worry about them.

     The patient should be convinced that it is a favourable condition. Because in that case he or she could reach complete cure faster than others if the daily dosage is properly controlled. In such a case, have a break for 1-2 days first. Then inject 1 ampoule daily or every other day for 5-6 days. This will make your body accustomed to this injection, no longer making you feel such symptoms. From then on, you would continue with the administration increasing your dose until you regain your health. According to Table-1 “Category 1: For common cases.”

     4) In case you feel good mood and small healing response. And no other changes in your body after the 2 days’ injection, follow Table-1.

If you feel a weak result.

     5) In case you feel no slightest change at all in your mood and body after the 2 days’ injection. First continue the First Course in Table-1. In case you still feel nothing thereafter. You should jump over the Second Course to the Third Course. If you had begun the First Course of “Category 1”. You would apply the Second and Third Courses of “Category 2” and then repeat the Third Course. During the injection some patients may experience drowsiness, indigestion or stronger sickness. All these symptoms are parts of healing response, and they all will disappear 2-3 days later. As seen above, it is advisable to get this injection by increasing every day the each time dose by 1 ampoule.

     Should you feel no satisfactory progress of cure even after the Third Course of Table-1. You would discontinue it and take a break for 2-4 days and then inject 6-8 ampoules in a dose. 2-3 times daily, for 3-5 days, whereupon no failure of satisfactory cure has been recorded so far. There are a large number of cases, which had failed to respond to other medicines. But reached complete cures upon this injection. In a word, the efficaciousness of this injection does not depend on the total quantity injected. But largely depends on whether the volumes and frequencies of injection are correctly adopted depending on the patient’s condition and his particular disease.

instruction kymdan-2 injection for severe diseases.

     6) We can imagine some cases where, even though followed (5) above. Nothing felt and nothing happened (although such cases almost never happened). If you had not felt any distinctive improvements after 7-15 days of injection. It could be explained that your condition were far better. Than those who could not apply maximum dose. Because the diseased parts were felt too much painful. In that case, your condition would serve as an evident sign. That by freely applying maximum doses you would easily reach complete cure. Administration of maximum dose is as follows:

  1. 1st  day: 5 ampoules x 2 times
  2. 2nd day: 5 ampoules x 3 times
  3. 3rd day: 6 ampoules x 3 times
  4. 4th day: 7 ampoules x 3 times
  5. 5th day:       Break
  6. 6th day: 7 ampoules x 3 times
  7. 7th day: 8 ampoules x 3 times

     * In severe cases of high fever, malignant influenza, epidemic diseases, etc. Injecting 5-7 ampoules each time, for 3-4 times continuously. With an interval of only 5-10 minutes between injections. Mostly resulted in instant lull recovery.


     No contraindications have been reported. In the period of administration. You need not refrain from drinking or become too sensitive to foods. As no medicines antagonistic to Kumdang-2 Injection have so far been found. You may use Kumdang-2 Injection with any other medicines depending on your conditions.

     Adverse Effects:

     No adverse side effects have been found so far.

if you encounter Kumdang-2 Injection for the first time.


     1) Kumdang-2 Injection is synergic with other medicines. Therefore, simultaneous use with other medicines would result in better effects. In which case Kumdang-2 should be injected by a separate syringe. With exception of cocarboxylase and vitamin В1. Which can be mixed with Kumdang-2 in the same syringe. Dilution of Kumdang-2 Injection in such dropper solutions. As dextrose (glucose) and Ringer’s solution is not encouragible. It not help to maximize its effects. Because its micro-elements having been already largely diluted in it. Their excessive dilution may cause decrease of their medicinal effects. Therefore, separate IM or IV injection of Kumdang-2. Before or after dropping (instillation of) other solutions is advisable.

Recommendations for Kumdang-2 injection.

     It is important to keep the principle of getting 1-2 ampoules on the first day. And increasing the volume of injection from the next day as described above. For 20-28 days you may continue the injection. With a break of 1-2 days after each 4 days. Then the 20-28 days’ course is completed, you may have an interval of 3-7 days.

     Then in accordance with your resultant condition you may either discontinue the injection for good. Or begin a few course. Such in-course intervals are aimed at fully discharging the rare-earth elements. After their medicinal actions properly done. Thus avoiding their in-body accumulations. When resuming another course after a short or long time. You would start with 5 or more ampoules as each time dose. At this stage, continuous everyday injection is advisable. But it is more advisable to get injections only when you feel like doing it. Or you feel unwell in the range of 5-8 ampoules each time. And 1-3 times a day.

     2) Excess of the above said “maximum dosage” is unadvisable.

     3) Some patients complained that. Although they had enjoyed good effects during the course of injections. Upon stop thereof the good effects disappeared. But, later they felt improvements again without resuming dosage. There were some cases. That the results had not been so much satisfactory after the first course only. But they were fully satisfied after the second or the third course.

The period after passing all the stages of the course.

     4) For some 30 days after full recovery, you should refrain from some overburdens. E.g. excessive drinking, too much exercise and hard labour. Because although you would feel invigorated and pleasant from your recovery. Your physical conditions are still in a feeble state like a flower in a green house. After the said 30days your physical conditions will return to the original state. So no particular cautions are recommended from then on. There were some patients who, feeling pleasant. And strong after recovery from illness by help of Kumdang-2 Injection. Had ignored the convalescence period of 30 days. And during that period drank excessively and overworked, thereby falling ill again. If the disease relapsed like that. You would take longer courses of injection of Kumdang-2. Consuming far more ampoules.

     5) Upon injection (mostly IV) of any medicines including Kumdang-2 Injection. Very few patients might suffer from temporary fever and chill. According to the hitherto evidences, such fever and chill have not been caused by the injected medicines. But were caused by some pyrogen (generator of fever). Formed in the single-use-syringes. Owing to their improper handling or improper result of their in-process automatic sterilization. In such a case, you should first discontinue the injection and stop the lever. And chill by 2 tablets of аspirin. If the patient does not respond to аspirin, inject camphor and dimedrоlum along with intakes of aspirin. Then, using a syringe of another brand, inject (IM) 1 ampoule (or half an ampoule) of Kumdang-2. Once in 2 days, whereupon you may start carefully increasing the daily dosage. Thereupon, you will experience far better effects than the patients devoid of such negative response.

Clinical Study Kumdang-2 Injection.

Allergic skin diseases, Ambustion, Chilblain, Injuries by burn, freezing and electric shock, Engorgement.

     Kumdang-2 Injection has recorded excellent clinical effects in curing various allergic skin diseases. And dermatitis including nettle rash on the face or the body caused by various factors. There have been many cases of skin diseases. Which had failed of cure on any strong medicines. But were completely cured on Kumdang-2 Injection. As far as skin diseases are concerned, in addition to the powerful efficacies on its injecting. The liquid content of Kumdang-2 has been highly effective, too, on its applying to the diseased skin. Like the medicines of external use.

     In treatments of injuries or traumas by bum, freezing. And electric shock, Kumdang-2 Injection achieved wonderful results. In both of its single and combined uses. Among the Kumdang-2 injected patients the speed of recovery was 10 times faster than the uninjected. Further, the injected patients were quite safe from any other complicating diseases.

     When a man falls from a cliff or gets injured in a car accident or military battle. Skin chaps, bruise and edema appear. The blood is gathered in several parts of the body and bones are broken. Administration of Kumdang-2 Injection in those cases recovered all the injuries. More than 8 times faster than other medicines. Many patients, who had been diagnosed for over 6 months’ intensive in-bed treatment. Wearing plasters on several parts, and foreseen to be disabled even after recovery. Completely revived to a normal workable state in only 20 days of its injecting. Whereupon they could even run all the way home like sportsmen. According to the clinic records, there have been many cases. Where some seriously injured men being in state of coma. Breathing last breaths revived to this world after its injection. Every 4 hours, 6-8 ampoules each time.

Cosmetic Effects Kumdang-2 injection.

     Kumdang-2 Injection is accepted as a far better alternative to cosmetics. Its cosmetic effects were distinctive among those who used it according to “Administration”. Moreover, even only applying it on the face. Not injecting it, produced results better than the deluxe cosmetics. You may apply as follows: after getting up in the morning, wash your face. Pour half or more of the liquid from an ampoule into your palm. And apply it evenly on your face in the same way as you do with lotion.

     Repeat the same in the evening. You may or may not further make up your face after applying the liquid on the face. Cosmetic effects were more vivid. When it was both applied on the face and injected to the body. Because in that case, proliferation of healthy cells started. Both from exterior skin and from inside. Clinical records have shown many good signs on the face. Many wrinkles were removed, granulomas became smaller or removed. And the loosened muscles turned tense resulting in fine complexion. Blackheads, dark dots, freckles, hives, pimples, rashes. And all kinds of inflammations disappeared, the facial skin and flesh became clear. Soft, white, tender, elastic and smooth, and the eyes glistened.

diabetes treatment with Kumdang-2 injection.

     If diabetes breaks out, you may experience increase of urine, and feel thirsty. Lethargic and hungry before mealtime. Injection of Kumdang-2 at this stage removed those symptoms and mostly resulted in complete cure. At the initial stage of the disease the recovery rate was around 68%. It was effective for chronic diabetes, too. It noticeably lessened or eliminated diabetic symptoms and returned the blood-sugar level to normal. But the full recovery rate was only 36%. Administration of this injection coupled with the anti-diabetic medicines proved more effective. In improving the relevant symptoms. And the blood-sugar level than when the diabetes medicines were applied alone.

     Application of Kumdang-2 in a concerted prescription. As above decreased by far the dependence on insulin. Among the patients of diabetes Type I. And lowered the rate of their conversion from Type II (Non-depending on insulin). To Type I (depending on insulin). This injection was also successful in preventing various complicating diseases related with diabetes. Its great effectiveness in the treatment of diabetes lies. In the fact that it optimizes the autonomic nervous system. Especially prestisol (activated by rare earths) and other insam extracts which it contains. Stimulate pancreas, thereby accelerating insulin secretion. Promote lipidic synthesis. With the result that the increased rate of sugar absorption reduces the blood-sugar level.

Different kinds of inflammation, Fevers of unknown reasons, Loss of appetite.

     In the clinical practice. Kumdang-2 Injection, on the strength of its mechanism. Has shown strong anti-inflammatory effects. When it was administered alone, the inflammation was well reduced. When it was administered together with antibiotics. Better effects were produced. And no side effects on the liver and digestion caused by antibiotics were witnessed. Therefore, it was good to compulsorily inject Kumdang-2. Whenever antibiotics were used. In which case a separate syringe was used.

     Fevers of unknown reasons. There have been many cases where the cause of fever could not be found. Even after repeated examinations and tests. Kumdang-2 Injection quickly lowered the fever to normalcy. The injected patients were completely restored to a good health.

     Loss of appetite. In cases of loss of appetite for various reasons. Kumdang-2 Injection stimulated appetite to the necessary degree. Without causing obesity or excessive appetite. This is because this injection only normalizes the appetite-control. Digestive functions in the course of optimizing the nervous system. Does not increase appetite indiscriminately. On the other hand, it neither diminishes appetite, nor cures obesity.

Disorders before and after child-delivery.

     Before delivery. Administration of Kumdang-2 Injection to the sufferers of serious morning sickness. In the first half of pregnancy removed nausea. Made them feel refreshed, normalized appetite. And prevented debility and toxemia of pregnancy. Moreover, those already taken ill of toxemia of pregnancy were also swiftly recovered therefrom by Kumdang-2 Injection. The injection also demonstrated good effects on various diseases of pregnant women. Such as liver, stomach and heart disorders and polyps. The women administered with the injection before or during pregnancy did not catch cold. And other infectious diseases and had an easy delivery of healthy babies. And the babies bom from Kumdang-2 injected women had a stronger resistance to diseases. Grew healthier than those from the uninjected women.

     After delivery. Shortly after delivery, women are likely to suffer from autonomic nerve imbalance. (Vegetative neurosis). Blood circulation disorder caused by tension of the sympathetic nerve. And negative stimulus on the hypothalamus. That had stemmed from postpartum malnutrition and cardiac weakness. These are known as postpartum diseases. According to the clinical records. Injection of Kumdang-2 immediately after delivery dealt a positive act on the hypothalamus. Thereby optimizing the systems of autonomic nerve and immunity. With the result that autonomic imbalance and disorders of blood circulation did not occur.

     Therefore, there appeared no such symptoms as feeling as if head and the whole body are exposed to the wind. Heavy cold sweat, body chill, dizziness, lumbago, debility. Stomachache, sharp pains all over the body and palpitation of the heart. After delivery, women got healthier than before pregnancy. In addition to the said preventive action. Kumdang-2 Injection successfully cured. All the postpartum diseases that had outbroken among the uninjected women.

elimination of drug addiction with Kumdang-2 injection.

     Records of the treatment of patients addicted to narcotic drugs. The drug addicts were suffering from the symptoms of serious mental trouble. The depressed functions of all organs owing to the disturbed autonomic nervous system.

    Heart failure and the pulmonary fibrosis gave rise to heart disorder. The continuing expansion of the blood vessels by drugs decreased their elasticity, slowing down the blood flow. Moreover, diarrhea failed to discontinue due to the trouble of intestinal movements. The functional disorder of the liver and kidney. Upon injection of Kumdang-2 to the drug addicts as per “Administration”. The autonomic nervous system came back to normalcy. The intestines were quickly recovered, the symptoms of mental disorder disappeared. Blood began to flow normally and the diarrhea discontinued. Further, their mental dependence on drugs. And the abstinence distress were lessened sharply or disappeared for good. As a result, the drug addiction was completely cured.

     The drug addicts who, had used to fall in the abstinence distress if forced to unuse the drug. After few hours of its previous use, were delighted very much to experience. Their symptoms considerably weakened or eliminated. Nevertheless, some of them returned to their former state of addiction. Because they used drugs again. Only those with the consciousness of their own destiny and strong will could be fully recovered from drug addiction.

Epidemic diseases including Bird Flu and New Flu, AIDS.

     In general, while the DNA genes do not change through generations, the gene of New Flu virus is RNA, which is always likely to mutate. The same is the case with Bird Flu and AIDS. Therefore, the world health entities are calling the humanity to take perspective anti-epidemic measures. In advance of coming mutations of the epidemic viruses. For this purpose, you should be armed with optimum immuno-competence defensive of all viruses. Including those that would emerge in new shapes after mutation. This is obtainable only by optimizing the human immunity. Try use of very strong imimmo-activators and interferon inducers. Like Kumdang-2 Injection.

     According to the data from foreign health entities. This injection has shown splendid effects in preventing. And curing some epidemics such SALES, Dird Flu, New Flu and AIDS. According to the reports from our medical teams in Africa. Upon injection of Kumdang-2 in the maximum dose of more to the HIV (human immuno-deficiency virus) anti-body carriers. 63.5 % of the injected total recorded disappearance of HIV anti-body in the tests.

     Among the patients with typical syndromes of AIDS. Its injection in repeated maximum doses resulted in 56 % complete cure and 44 % considerable cure. There was no case of on improved or deteriorated. Among those injected of enough Kumdang-2 for prevention, no case of AIDS has been reported. For prevent of above epidemics, you are recommended to get 40-56 ampoules as per Table-1. And for cure, get 5-8 ampoules, every 4-6 hours for 2-3 days. If you failed to reach complete cure during that time. The same dosage should be repeated for 2-3 days after an interval of 1-2 days. Whereupon you should be assured of perfect cure in any case.

help Kumdang-2 injection with Gastric hemorrhage, Stomach cramp.

     When the hemostatic IM injections. Such as vitamin КЗ, adona and thromboplastin, were administered together with this injection. While applying ice massage on the affected gastric part, gastric hemorrhage discontinued soon. Followed by disappearance of bodily malfunction and lethargy from bleeding. But, in many cases, single use of Kumdang-2 Injection was better.

     At an outbreak of stomach cramp, injection of Kumdang-2 every 4 hours, 5 ampoules at a time soon stopped the cramp and its recurrence. According to your doctor’s advice, you may take at the same time injection of either 0.1% аtropine sulphаte or 2% pаpаverin hydrochlоride. (4) No effective remedy is known available for cures of gastric neurosis. Attack of indigestion, gastric atonia and post-gastrectomy syndrome. But Kumdang-2 Injection proved to be very much effective for those diseases.

Diseases of large and small intestines. Stomach Diseases.

     The general anti-diarrhea medicines need a continuous use because of their incapability to cure colitis completely. Their efficacy gradually diminish on continuous use. And antibiotics are not a cure-all for colitis as they damage the liver and fail to restore the organo-pathic degradation inside the large intestine. But, Kumdang-2 Injection kills the colon bacillus, stops the loose bowel, removes the inflammation therein and restores the organic degradation inside the large intestine. Thus accomplishing complete cure of colitis for good. This injection not only swiftly cured acute colitis as above, but also, just in a few days, completely cured tens of year long severe chronic colitises.

     After application of this injection, the constitutional habit of frequent diarrhea changed to absence of diarrhea, and even in case of accidental diarrhea due to disorderly eating. It stopped on its own in one day without help of anti-diarrheal pills. Kumdang-2 Injection swiftly and completely terminated all the symptoms of acute & chronic colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Including such severe symptoms as abdominal pain, loose bowel and fever, which had failed to respond even to antibiotics.

     Kumdang-2 Injection recorded far better clinical results than other medicines in treatments of acute and chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis and stomach & duodenal ulcer. Depending on the symptoms in patients, the simultaneous use of Kumdang-2 Injection with other drugs is possible. But single use of Kumdang-2 Injection was better: the symptoms disappeared much earlier and the rate of recovery was far higher than combined use with the said medicines.

Heart Diseases, Arthritis.

     Thanks to its powerful mechanism, Kumdang-2 Injection recorded 98% of complete recovery in treatments of cardioneurosis and arrhythmia (irregular pulsation). And 70% and 57% in treatments of ischemic heart diseases (IHD) and stenocardia respectively.

     Arthritis (1) Rheumatic arthritis Kumdang-2 Injection’s mechanism of curing arthritis differs from other medicines. E.g. this injection cures not only arthritis, but also the heart disorder, a disease accompanying arthritis. Thanks to this mechanism, Kumdang-2 could give a chance of full recovery to the patients who had only been suffering from the adverse effects of other medicines without progress in cure of arthritis. By the way, some of the patients, who, instead of applying at least one full course, had suspended the injection after one or two doses. Only as they felt no pain on the diseased joints or found the swelling thereon gone down, fell ill again some days later. Nevertheless, most of the patients who followed “4. Administration” properly recovered for good.

     (2) Rheumatoid Kumdang-2 Injection proved efficacious in treatment of rheumatoid. A form of chronic arthritis accompanied with transformation of bone joints and muscular contraction. Pains at the joints reduced markedly or disappeared. Swelling in the joints shrank to a certain degree and atrophied muscles around the joints came back to normalcy. But the rate of full recovery was not high.

Hypotension (LOW blood pressure), Impotence.

     The main symptoms of hypotension are headache, failure of memory, debility, fatigue, dwindling, body chill, heart disorders and anemia. It has been known so far that there is no specific remedy for hypotension except some selective diets and exercises. But Kumdang-2 Injection has demonstrated marvelous effects on hypotension of various causes with very high records of complete cure.

     Kumdang-2 Injection enlarges the sperm secretion, filling the spermatic sack to the full, activates the spermatozoa, and improves adrenocortical function, thereby making people vigorous. On the strength of this mechanism, it enhanced the sexual function, and recorded a high recovery rate in cures of impotence.

Infection, adhesion and scar after medical operation.

     When Kumdang-2 Injection was administered according to “Administration” above just after medical operation of any part of the body, infections and adhesions were fully prevented. Any sequela (adverse after effects) did not appear and the operated marks were healed up beautifully or without trace. The patients who had been injected of Kumdang-2 after medical operation were 8 times faster in speed of recovery than the uninjected. There was not any noticeable difference in the recovery speed between its single use and its use combined with other medicines after medical operation.

Liver disorders caused by alcohol, antibiotic, analgesic, antifebrile and other medicines. A Liver cancer.

     Heavy drinking of alcohol disturbs metabolism of liver cells and causes accumulation of fat in the liver and expedites liver fibrosis, resulting in alcoholic liver disorder. This leads to alcoholic acute and chronic hepatitis and, further, to liver cirrhosis and cancer. In treatments of alcoholic liver disorders, Kumdang-2 Injection achieved 98 % of full recovery. For everybody including those not suspected of alcoholic liver disorder, injecting 4-6 ampoules in one time before or after heavy drinking has been enough to maintain fresh condition and prevent the said disease.

     A Liver disorders caused by antibiotic, analgesic, antifebrile and other medicines: Vitamins have been used against such side effects as liver disorder. Indigestion, heart troubles, etc caused by various medicines including antibiotic. But they could not prevent or cure them completely. Simultaneous administration of Kumdang-2 Injection made it possible to prevent those side effects completely, maximizing at the same time the efficacies of the said medicines.

     The Anti-cancer drugs cause malfunctions in the liver, weakening of key internal organs. Disorder of the hematopoietic system and indigestion. Getting Kumdang-2 Injection together with them, made it possible to remove such negative effects and increase their anti-cancer effects. At present, immunotherapy is widely used in treatments of liver cancer, and Kumdang-2 Injection has been proved to be one of the best choices for the immunotherapy. It remarkably activated such immune tools as white blood corpuscles and lymphocytes in their roles of detecting the cancer cells of liver. And suppressing and suspending their proliferations with the result of much higher rate of survival among its patients.

Treatment Hepatitis А, В, C, D, E, G.

     There are different types of viral hepatitis, such as type A, B, C, D, E, and G, all of which have both acute and chronic stages. And these viruses are the main causes of cirrhosis, ascites and liver abscess. Synthetic antivirals used to treat viral hepatitis, although effective in many cases. But they have negative effects. For example, bone marrow suppression. Due to the short duration of action, they only partially inhibit the proliferation of hepatitis viruses. And therefore are not able to completely reject viruses. They entail unbearable adverse side effects that cause severe pain. Therefore, they are not widely used. Unlike synthetic products, kumdang-2 is completely safe. And it effectively eliminates hepatitis viruses.

Toxic hepatitis.

     Toxic hepatitis, another type of hepatitis caused by drugs, alcohol, bacteria, poisons, etc., cholestatic hepatitis and liver diseases caused by metabolic disorders, are treated with drugs that restore the function of diseased liver cells and help restore the liver parenchyma. But because they have some disadvantages, patients demand better medicines. Fatty liver, liver disease caused by metabolic disorders, is treated with methionine, choline, lecithin, cholestin and so on. But each of them has some side effects and acts only on certain areas.

     Thus, they do not successfully treat fatty liver comprehensively. Complex amino acid preparations that accelerate protein synthesis are used to compensate for the deficiency of whey protein. But because their effect on liver cell repair has not been clear, the recurrence rate is high. The enzyme level rises again, and the immune system is severely suppressed, at present, synthetic agents are not recommended for cirrhosis of the liver, hepatogenic coma, diabetes and hypertension.

mechanism of curing hepatitis Kumdang-2 Injection.

     A liver cell has so-called “keyhole” composed of protein, which admits Interferon. Kumdang-2 Injection not only boosts over 16 times the human body’s capacity of generating the Interferon, which plays the role as the “key” to enter the “keyhole”, but also helps the Interferon pass the “keyhole”, enter the liver cell and act on its nucleus, thereby producing various anti-viral enzymes. All the actions of this injection, such as restoration and proliferation of cells, activation of immunity, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.

     Optimization of the systems of autonomic nerves and self-curing, improvement of Interferon-generating capacity, and maintenance of homeostasis, serve in the first place for cures of hepatitis. Kumdang-2 not only suppresses and eliminates the virus of hepatitis, but also restrains progression of the disease in the parenchyma of liver and expedites its restoration. Therefore, it successfully cures not only viral hepatitis is, but also toxic hepatitis, cholestatic hepatitis and the liver troubles caused by metabolic disorders.

Clinical records and therapeutic experience.

     In the course of treating hepatitis, the test values of GPT (ALT), GOT (AST), Thymol (TTT), Kunkel (ZnTT), mallein, total protein amount, albumin/globulin (A/G) and r-globulin were improved faster than other medicines, and 88% of patients recovered completely. The tests of HBs antigen, too, showed good achievements. As far as the method of use is concerned, the above “4. Administration” that does not differ disease by disease was the best option. Dispensing Kumdang-2 Injection as a single prescription resulted in satisfactory records, and in some cases dispensing it as a component of double or multi prescriptions, i.e. using it together with other medicines resulted in even better effects because Kumdang-2 is not antagonistic to, but is synergic with other medicines and prevents or removes the side effects of the other medicines.

     In comparison with other medicines Kumdang-2 Injection was far better not only in improving the test values as described above, but also in alleviating or removing such symptoms of hepatitis as indigestion, stomach flatulence, loss of strength, and bad colours of face, urine and stool. In most of the chronic hepatitis cases, too, the patients speedily reached complete cure upon use of this injection as per the Administration above, and neither of them has been converted to liver cirrhosis and/or ascites. Treatments of liver cirrhosis and ascites also resulted in good records. This injection restored and proliferated liver cells at a great rate, optimized the immunity system and the ability of automatic regulation, and thus completely cured the liver cirrhosis. In most of the liver ascites cases, too, the dropsy drained soon resulting in a high rate of recovery.

Pancreatitis, Poisoning by perished food (Food Poisoning or Bromatoxism), Thyroid Diseases.

     Kumdang-2 Injection was surprisingly quick in curing acute and chronic pancreatitis, and the recovery rate was 94%.

     Kumdang-2 Injection achieved good clinical results in cures of food poisoning. Its effects were remarkable both in single and combined uses. In very severe cases, Kumdang-2 was highly effective when used simultaneously with the first-aid treatment.

     In treatments of such malignant diseases as hyperthyreosis (hyper-thyroidism), simple struma and thyroid inflammation, Kumdang-2 Injection achieved 96% of complete recovery. Iodine and other usual prescriptions to treat thyroid diseases were low at the recovery rate, and the relevant symptoms that had been alleviated in the initial stage turned more serious upon expiry of their medicinal action. But, this injection was exclusively effective.

Malignant influenza and other kinds of cold.

     The most effective method to prevent or cure different kinds of cold and influenza is to optimize the immuno-competence of the body against colds by use of immuno-activator or interferon inducer, while training the body. Kumdang-2 Injection has been recognized world-wide as one of most effective immuno-activators and interferon inducers. According to the clinical practice, 24-56 ampoules (3-7 packets)of this injection optimized the immuno-competence, resulting in successful prevention of colds and flues.

     And even in cases of their outbreak, the injected ailed mildly and recovered shortly. This injection alone was enough to cure malignant influenza and colds, but its simultaneous use with other cold remedies resulted in better records. In case of failure of satisfactory cure after 1 -2 times of injection, inject every 5-10 minutes, 5-8 ampoules each time, 3-5 times daily, whereby 1-2 days were enough for complete cure of any cold or flue of any severity.

Medicinal poisoning, Harm from use of computers, Stomatitis.

     Kumdang-2 Injection attained 98% of complete recovery in removing or neutralizing various forms of medicinal poisoning. For instance, according to a report from abroad, a woman, aged 40, had taken 200 pills at a time in an attempt to commit suicide and lost her consciousness. The 5% dextrose solution was infused but in vain. However, she came to herself soon after receiving 8 ampoules of this injection in a dose. Further, she got 8 ampoules 3 times in a day, whereupon, she was completely recovered to her original state, rose and even washed her clothes in the washroom. A lot of similar examples have been recorded.

     Harm from use of computers. Kumdang-2 Injection swiftly relieved the fatigue and various disorders of the body caused by constant computer work for many hours during many days.

     Stomatitis, i.e. the erosion and/or ulcer in the mucous membrane of the mouth, may appear due to high fever, pregnancy, excessive mental or physical fatigue, or extreme weakness. Upon injection of Kumdang-2 as per “Administration”, stomatitis was soon cured and the immunity being optimized, the rate of its recurrence sharply decreased.

Neuralgia, Neurosis, Debility, Insomnia.

     In treatments of different kinds of neuralgia, like trigeminal neuralgia, headache, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica and brachilgia, Kumdang-2 Injection eased or stopped pains, and its use together with vitamins and other medicines was more effective than its single use.

     Kumdang-2 Injection achieved more than 95% of full recovery rate in treatments of neurosis (also called noirase) known as a non-psychopathic disorder marked by an uneasy state of mind and attempts to escape from it.

     In treatments of different kinds of syndromes of debility e. g. bony body, lethargy, loss of appetite, cold hands and feet, malfunctions and under-growth for a variety of reasons, the rate of full recovery by this injection was over 99%.

     Insomnia is caused by malfunctioning of the Reticular Substance of Mesencephalon (RSM), which balances sleep and awakeness. In general, the sleeping pills force you to sleep by suppressing RSM and the central nervous system including the cerebral cortex, which causes counter-action from RSM that results in gradual in crease of the daily dose of the pills, and eventually, even greater dose of the pills would not help you to sleep, thus resulting in addiction. Further, the pills entail side effects, e.g. dry mouth and nausea. Kumdang-2 Injection, by normalizing and optimizing the functions of RSM and central nervous system, could achieve 96% of complete recovery from insomnia without any side effects.

Polyps, Myalgia, Vegetative Neurosis (disorders of vegetative nervous system).

     Kumdang-2 Injection remarkably reduced or removed polyps in the stomach, lung, uterine, mouth and nose along with simultaneous decrease of their symptoms and recurrence. Administration of more than 200 ampoules (25 packets) showed a satisfactory effect, but less ampoules were not adequate for complete cure.

     Kumdang-2 Injection alleviated or removed the pains at the muscles or all over the body. The rate of complete recovery was 65%.

     Nearly all the diseases are related to vegetative neurosis, so it is hard to give specific description of its symptoms. Anyway, at least its main symptoms are debility, dizziness, tinnitus, pale complexion, headache, nausea, palpitation of the heart, insomnia, etc. So far, there has not been any noticeable remedy available for cure of this disease. But, Kumdang-2 Injection demonstrated clear effects on it from the first day of its use, remarkably alleviating or removing all those symptoms. The rate of complete recovery was 95%.

Spontaneous Gangrene, Epilepsy.

     The symptoms of spontaneous gangrene are gangrene and anemia in the fingers or toes caused by disorder of peripheral blood circulation. After administration of Kumdang-2 Injection, the affected parts, which had been dusky blue, turned light pink and rose to a normal temperature. Other symptoms, including severe pain, subsided remarkably. The efficacy of the injection was increased when it was used in combination with other medicines like Royal Blood-Fresh.

     Kumdang-2 Injection was tried for epilepsy with the belief that it would be helpful in view of its mechanism, and it was proved to be worth trying. Depending on the conditions of patients, the injection was administered alone or in combination with other medicines. In most cases, the frequency of spasm decreased considerably, there was a remarkable improvement in the form of spasm, and the brain wave was also improved. The recovery rate was some 36%.

Sterility caused by undergrowth, Menstrual disorders, Cystitis.

     There are many causes for sterility. K.umdang-2 Injection was administered to some women who had failed to get pregnant owing to underdevelopment of their reproductive organs. Their body temperature during the ovulatory period came back to normalcy, and they got pregnant and delivered babies easily.

     The young women who were suffering from irregular period of menstruation, excess or lack of bleeding, and dysmenorrhea, started to perform punctual menstruation upon injection of Kumdang-2. It has also proved efficacious in curing menopausal disorders e.g. over-extended cycle and insufficient bleeding. It has improved their sexual desire, too.

     Antibiotics when used for cure of cystitis, cause liver disorder, which entail indigestion, loss of appetite and debility. Use of Kumdang-2 Injection in combination with the antibiotics fully prevented or removed the said side effects and markedly raised the rate of recovery.

Stimulant to children’s growth. Anti-radioactive and anti-sandy-dust effects.

     When Kumdang-2 Injection was administered to children, particularly those who were weak and short for their ages, and often lost appetite; they ate much, growing taller and stronger than the uninjected.

     According to the concepts updated in 1977 by the International Commission for Radioactivity Protection, upon exposure of human body to excessive radioactivity, the white blood corpuscles, lymphocytes and blood platelets may decrease causing deterioration of immunity, possibly resulting in outbreaks of various infectious diseases, functional disorders and cancer. Therefore, subject that your powers of immunity and anti-oxidation be optimized by use of immuno-activators and anti-oxidants, you may easily prevent or cure damages by not too dangerous radioactivities. Over the last many years’ clinical practices, Kumdang-2 Injection has been recognized as a wonderful vaccine and cure of the radioactive damages.

     Among those properly dosed with Kumdang-2 Injection and Royal Blood-Fresh, a typical anti-oxidant no case of radioactive damage has been recorded after their visits to the radio-contaminated areas and even after their exposure up to 5 Gy (Gray) of radioactive rays. It has also been proved that once your immunity is optimized by use of Kumdang-2 Injection, the possible damages of the eyes and the respiratory organs by the sandy dust shall well be prevented. 56-80 ampoules of Kumdang-2 Injection would be enough to prevent damages of radioactivity and sandy dust and for cure thereof you are recommended to follow “Administration”.

Tuberculosis (ТВ), Uterine and other intestinal hemorrhages.

     There are enough anti-ТВ drugs widely known in the world. They are in wide use in the scope of DOTS, an anti-ТВ strategy adopted by WHO in 1990, which has been of great significance in the worldwide campaign against ТВ. But most of them damage the liver, kidney and nervous system, and cause indigestion, optic and acoustic disturbances, bladder and pancreatic disorders, as well as nausea, fever and headache. Administration of Kumdang-2 Injection combined with those medicines enhanced the latter’s efficaciousness, и improved the general conditions of the body and raised the complete recovery rate without side effects and mortality. There are also a large number of ТВ cases which have been completely cured on single prescription of Kumdang-2 Injection only.

     Single or combined administration of Kumdang-2 Injection completely stopped uterine hemorrhages caused by menstrual disorder, follicular hormone deficiency due to liver diseases, uterine myoma and postpartum atonicity; prevented their recurrences; and improved the physical conditions of the patients. Besides, it had marvelous effects on habitual nose-bleed and various hemorrhages e.g. the ones caused by ulcerative colitis and serious cystitis. In heavy cases of anaemia (lack of blood) caused by serious hemorrhages, Kumdang-2 Injection swiftly replenished the red blood corpuscles and platelets, and thus, markedly hastened complete recoveries from anaemia.

Various cancers.

     Some cells carry cancer genes. These cells do not grow owing to the action of the immuno-competence, but. once they undergo a support from outside by inducers (e.g. longtime repeated stimulus on the same spot cancer-generating (carcinogenic) substances and viruses), they would grow without restriction. This is cancer. Therefore, if the body has a strong immunity, the cancer would not outbreak and, even if outbroken, the cancer cells would be removed or  suppressed subject that the immuno-competence is well adjusted. We are in the knowledge that 200 healthy cells are mobilized to kill one cancer cell, so the proliferation of healthy cells can suppress cancer.

     Kumdang-2 Injection optimized the immuno-competence and revived and proliferated healthy cells, and thereby achieved high records in preventing and curing all sorts of cancer. In treatments of cancers by this injection, the rate of recovery was very high in their initial stage, rather high in the middle stage, and low in the terminal stage. According to the clinic records of the cancer cases fully cured or suppressed by this injection, all the recorded patients frequently applied the “maximum dose” described above and more than 300-600 ampoules were used in total. When this injection was used in combination with anti-cancer drugs. Then the severe side effects from synthetic drugs were greatly alleviated by the action of kumdang-2. With the help of it, high therapeutic results were achieved.

clinical records of kumdang-2 injection in oncology.

     According to the clinical records, this injection has particularly good effects in cures of cancers of: liver, stomach, gall, bile duct, pancreas, prostate gland, breast, uterus and adnexa of uterus and the mucus tumor of peritoneum. The high clinical records of this injection in cures of cancers once again proved the world wide insistence that cancer can be cured by optimization of immunity on use of immune activators such as the immune adjusting polysaccharide activated by light rare earths and platinum (e.g. Kumdang-2 Injection). According to the clinical records, the death rate was high among the patients who had taken only the anti-cancer medicines. But the survival rate was high among those who had taken the anti-cancer medicines together with this injection or only this injection.

Venereal diseases, Resistance to aging.

     According to reports from foreign sources, Kumdang-2 Injection was successful in combating a variety of venereal diseases. They say many people have become immune to these diseases upon injection of Kumdang-2.

     Resistance to aging. Kumdang-2 Injection enjoyed great reputation among the elderly. Aging was resisted considerably, and wrinkles, stooping, debility, awkward movements, loss of sexual desire and memory, and disorders of thinking and speech were all alleviated considerably. In the medical checkup, the Kumdang-2 injected elders aged 70-80 appeared to be only 45-55 years old in all the health indices. Kumdang-2 Injection has proved to be tonic to healthy people as well. It was reported that upon injection they felt invigorated, became less tired after work, and grew immune to the diseases mentioned above. It had good effects on the healthy people, who had felt mental or physical fatigue, especially after hard work, much exercise and heavy drinking, or when they had to stay awake over-night, and when cold and other epidemic diseases prevailed.

Dr. Jon Sung Hun

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